The Ministry Collaborative is committed to developing a national network of pastors and congregations committed to faithful, creative, and collaborative engagement in their communities.

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Breathing Room

2nd & 4th Wednesday of Every Month
12:00 pm — 12:45 pm

Presented by: The Ministry Collaborative

Breathing Room provides clergy a place of care and concern when you feel tired, overwhelmed, burnt out, and depleted. It also provides resources, avenues and conversation partners for follow up if desired.


How Can We Sing… Virtual Cohort

February 12 – April 9, 2021
12:00 pm – 2:00 pm
Presented by: The Ministry Collaborative

This 8-week cohort seeks to equip, support, and care for clergy of color as they navigate this apocalyptic time as pastors of predominantly white congregations, who seek to create beloved communities. This cohort focuses on increasing clergy capacity to manage the multiple cultural shifts that are impacting communities of faith, developing appetites for tension and a love of leading change, helping clergy find and utilize their prophetic voice in the midst of political polarization, cultivating courage, empathy, confidence and joy individually and collectively; and to model these in context, how to care deeply for themselves and each other, and much more.

An Unparalleled Cohort Experience

Cohorts are highly committed, supportive, and collaborative learning communities of 10-15 ministry leaders who make a three-year commitment. Combining high levels of diversity with high levels of commitment, the cohort experience is not only deeply transformative for participants but also an avenue for developing collaborative relationships and equipping ministry for community engagement.

We’re Here to Come Alongside You in Your Ministry

The Ministry Collaborative is not just a small staff of people that oversees a program, but rather a growing network of trained facilitators, committed advisors, workshop and retreat leaders, and extraordinarily generous supporters. When you become a part of the Macedonian Ministry network, you’re not only coming together with your ministry colleagues for a cohort program, workshop, or retreat, you’re joining a growing network of resources and people committed to equipping the church and faithful and courageous ministry across the country.

For over a decade, the Macedonian Ministry Foundation has been committed to serving, supporting, and equipping ministry leaders all over the country, so that there might be a vast network of leaders and congregations that are adequately resourced and equipped for ministry in a rapidly changing landscape. While the approach continues to evolve, that commitment remains the same. The Ministry Collaborative is the latest project of MMF. It is our way of continuing to invest in ministry leaders through transformative peer learning cohorts and other avenues of support.


I said ‘yes’ to being a cohort member because I am a lifelong learning and the opportunity to delve into the Macedonian Ministry curriculum was one I couldn’t refuse. I also miss the camaraderie and collegiality of seminary and was really impressed with and am drawn to get to know my fellow cohort members.

Jennifer Maxell
Cohort Member, Pastor
Breakthrough Fellowship

I said yes to being the mentor of this cohort because I have experienced the gift of Macedonian Ministry, as a former member of a cohort, and I wanted to pay that forward. Also, the timing was right in my ‘bandwidth’ to do this and I’m thrilled about the incredible cohort that we have brought together.

Marthame Sanders

I said yes to being a member of this cohort because of the opportunity to connect with clergy, be around people who get it, and to learn and grow from a shared table.

Stephanie Cooper
Cohort Member, University Baptist Church