Engaging Congregations Workshops

The chair of our Advisory Board, Dr. Darrell Guder, rightly reminds us that, “We can’t be in the business of renewing pastors just to pour them back into Christendom churches.” Amen! We’re increasingly convinced that it’s imperative that congregational leaders, along with their pastors, need to be better equipped to navigate ministry in this age of rapidly diversifying contexts and the exponential rate of cultural and technological change. The Ministry Collaborative staff as well as a growing cadre of leaders throughout our network are here to help you and your staff, board, lay leaders, and other volunteers “move the needle,” adapt to increasingly rapid change, and be faithfully engaged in your community. We’d like to work with you to see how we can most effectively help equip the church to move the needle in your congregation towards long-term habits that are adaptive, creative, and joyful.

We’re convinced that what’s urgently needed is for ministry leaders and congregations to ask better questions, prioritize trust and imagination, do less strategic planning and more strategic living, and foster deeper connection with God with each other, so that ministries can nurture faithful cultures that will long outlast any service we can provide.  There are a variety of ways to explore TMC engaging with your congregation and equipping ministry, and we’d love to design something that is contextualized and beneficial for you.

There are many possible avenues: a multiple-workshop series for you and your board (possibly combined with other congregations), a leadership retreat for you and your board followed up with ongoing individual and group coaching, content that will help you dig deeper with your lay leaders, one-on-one conversations with you about a specific challenge, and more.  We believe these opportunities will not only be helpful to you and equipping the church, but that it will reinforce and deepen your cohort experience.

We’d love to start a conversation with you about what would be most valuable for you, your congregation, and your community.

Taking a small group of leaders - elders and staff - to meet with The Ministry Collaborative helped us understand our particular challenges in the context of what many churches face today. Our time left us feeling less isolated and better equipped. We returned energized and empowered for the work ahead.``

–  Amy Starr Redwine, First Presbyterian Church, Richmond