Our Immersion Experience

Macedonian Ministry Foundation’s immersion experiences through The Ministry Collaborative consist of short-term travel opportunities that are designed to help our pastors reconnect with God, deepen relationships within their cohorts, and explore creative, paradigm-shifting approaches to better equip ministry.

We know that some pastor resources, like conferences and clergy groups, can be inconsistent or have a lack of current world context. Our immersion experience program doesn’t suffer from that. This is part of our commitment to creating a national network of pastors and congregations that support ministry leaders.

Whether in the Holy Land, the US-Mexico border, or Glacier National Park, our immersion experiences combine in-depth learning with intentional opportunities for worship and rest. In each immersion experience, pastors reflect on how exposure to diverse social, cultural, and environmental contexts can transform the ways in which they read Scripture, approach leadership, and understand their own sense of vocation.

To learn more about our Immersion Experiences for Cohort Members & Alumni, please download our brochure below or contact Ryan Bonfiglio to learn more.

This is just one great example of the pastor resources that The Ministry Collaborative has to offer. Take a look at our Resources tab to hear podcasts, read blogs, and attend webinar recordings. If you’d like to hear more about our available opportunities, call us or use the form on our Contact page. We’re looking forward to hearing from you!

Download the brochure

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