Recovering Missional Theology for This Critical Moment

“Missional Theology” is a phrase and framework that has proven immensely valuable over the years, carrying with it such an important impetus and calling. Yet it is often a concept that is at risk of being so over-used and mishandled that we can lose sight of the critical theological insights that drive it. As we face a time when the church desperately needs to re-focus on witness, mission, civic engagement, and reintroducing the gospel to culture, we want to take a deep dive on missional theology and consider how we might frame it for this moment in our world. We are joined by none other than Darrell Guder, for many the “father” of missional theology, along with several gifted colleagues who have a wealth of knowledge and instructive experiences to share with us. Join us, along with Aisha Brooks-Lytle, Melanie Marsh-Baum, Thomas Daniel, and Darrell Guder, for this timely conversation.

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