Trust-Building is Not Optional: Gospel Witness and Mending the Social Fabric

Confidence in virtually all American institutions continues to decline, a phenomenon augmented by rising rates of loneliness, isolation, economic and geographic clustering, and cultural tribalism. For the church to be a prophetic witness in this milieu is to be a space of radical and unconditional belonging where real trust across difference is insisted upon, instilled, and nurtured. Our hope is that the world can look upon followers of Jesus and say, “look how they trust one another, belong to one another, love one another, despite all the differences and division that the world assumes cannot be resolved!” But what sort of faith formation will this require? How will we promote such radical humility, patience, forbearance, and faithfulness? We hope you find this conversation about trust-building in the church and it’s vital role for proclaiming good news for our communities informative and life-giving.

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