Our Story

It’s about joy!  It’s the joy of…deep support, diverse relationships, and encountering God’s disruptive love…together.

Your Ministry is Our Mission

For over a decade, The Macedonian Ministry Foundation has been committed to developing pastors and congregations for creative leadership in their community.

Most pastors have participated in a variety of conferences, ministry associations, clergy groups, denominational offerings, and other ways of equipping the church and growing in their call to ministry. For many, these opportunities can be helpful. But in many cases these avenues suffer from inconsistent and unsustained offerings, wavering commitment levels of participants, the lack of contextualized and tailored content, the absence of trained facilitators, and a weak connection to a broader network of resources and other opportunities for growth.

The Macedonian Ministry Foundation has been addressing these challenges by developing a national network for supporting ministry leaders through cohorts as well as workshops, retreats, immersion experiences, and other new ways of coming alongside ministry leaders. Fundamental to this approach is going to ministry leaders wherever they are, helping them interpret their context, providing facilitated space for building capacity and deepening relationships, and offering the support to move forward in the direction God is calling them.

The Ministry Collaborative

The Macedonian Ministry Foundation’s work with ministry leaders and congregations takes place primarily in our three-year long cohorts, a project we call “The Ministry Collaborative.”

Collaboration is both the content and the process of ministry in the 21st century. And most ministry leaders were not trained to recognize this, let alone act on it! For all of us in ministry, learning how to collaborate more deeply and broadly with one another to build up God’s work in the world is non-negotiable. Collaboration is not the reward at the end of the work. It is the work we get to share together in service of Jesus Christ! For this reason, we are deeply committed to working with congregations as well by working with church boards, convening workshops, and gathering leaders to explore ministry topics, ranging from church buildings and finances, to proclamation and shared witness in today’s cultural context, to recovering and deploying deep joy, all with a view toward equipping ministry and leaders for sustainable ministry through collaboration, exploration, and innovation.

Our Resources

We hope you are interested in joining a cohort, but even if you don’t anticipate doing so anytime soon due to your location or season of life and ministry you’re in, there are several other ways to be connected.

Contact us to learn more about alternative “cohort” offerings.

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