Our Cohort Program

Why The Ministry Collaborative?

We’re convinced that this is truly one of the most exciting times to be in ministry. God’s disruption of what we’ve long known ministry to be is simultaneously God’s creation of new opportunities for imagination, creativity, connection, innovation, and deep faithfulness. And that’s why we believe you’re worth the investment! Yes, you’ll benefit in various ways from being connected to the TMC network through our cohort program and other avenues, but more importantly, we will all be a part of something much bigger than cohorts; we’ll be sharing in God’s mission to reconcile, restore, and redeem the world in surprising and unanticipated ways.

When you join a cohort, you’re joining a sustained community of support, resourcing, and relationship that can last a lifetime. We truly believe that.

Right now, we’re offering several different types of peer-learning cohort opportunities:

  • A two-year facilitated cohort (with a third-year option) of 8-15 clergy that is based in the same geographic location and is intentionally diverse theologically, racially, and gender-wise. These cohorts provide a comprehensive cohort experience in which deep bonds are formed and mutually instructive relationships are nurtured. For many, it’s nothing short of transformative. It results in life-long relationships, support, and a network of resources.
  • A six-month facilitated virtual cohort that is not geographically based, providing for more flexibility for participants in terms of location and time commitment. These cohorts are likewise a combination of support, resourcing, and building deeper, long-term capacity for equipping ministry.

To learn more about any of these cohort opportunities, please email our Program Director, Adam Borneman at, aborneman@mministry.org

Our Cohort Network

Choose a state to see their cohort locations.


Atlanta, GA 1
Facilitator: Tom Tewell

Atlanta, GA 2
Facilitators: Tom Tewell & Joanna Adams

Atlanta, GA 3
Facilitator: Megan Johnson

Atlanta, GA 4
Facilitator: Marthame Sanders

Atlanta, GA 5
Facilitators: Maisha Handy & Kanisha Billingsley

Atlanta, GA 6
Facilitator: Brady Radford

Candler Divinity School
Facilitators: Bob Winstead & Anne Burkholder

Columbia Theological Seminary
Facilitators: Marthame Sanders & Amina McIntyre

Presbytery of NE GA 1
Facilitator: Glenn Doak

Presbytery of NE GA 2
Facilitator: Jeanne Thiele Reynolds & Matt Henderson


Tucson, AZ
Facilitator: Brad Munroe & Andrew Ross


Tuscaloosa, AL
Facilitator: Joseph F. Scrivner

Birmingham, AL 2
Facilitator: Adam Mixon

McAfee Divinity School
Facilitator: Loyd Allen

Birmingham, AL
Facilitators: Ed Hurley & John Cantelow


Denver, CO
Facilitators: Gretchen Wilson


Chicago, IL
Facilitators: Emily McGinley

North Carolina

Charlotte, NC
Facilitator: Joe Clifford

Warsaw, NC
Facilitator: Ted Thomas

Oxford, NC
Facilitator: Willie Darby

Clinton/Warsaw, NC
Facilitator: Ted Thomas
Participants: 12

South Central, NC
Facilitator: Latonya L. Agrad

Asheville, NC
Facilitator: Denise Thorpe

Wake Forest Divinity School
Facilitators: Neal Walls & Bill Leonard


Stadia LA
Facilitator: Kevin Haah


Glacier Presbytery
Facilitator: Ed Albright & Allen Foster

North Dakota

Williston, ND
Facilitator: Jon Wellumson

Watford City, ND
Facilitators: Sheldon McGorman & Father Brian Gross


Twin Cities, MN
Facilitator: Jack Fortin & Kelly Chatman


Northern Iowa Presbytery East
Facilitator: Dave Feltman

Northern Iowa Presbytery West
Facilitator: Dave Feltman

Northern Central Iowa
Facilitator: Ian McMullen


Detroit, MI
Facilitator: Leon Stevenson


Louisville Theological Seminary
Facilitator: Patricia Tull & Jane Larsen-Wigger


Presbytery of the James
Facilitator: George Conway


Austin, TX
Facilitator: Carrie Graham

Fort Worth, TX
Facilitator: Charles Johnson

Dallas / Ft. Worth, TX
Facilitator: Charles Johnson


Jacksonville, FL
Facilitator: Neely Towe

Jacksonville, FL 2
Facilitator: Susan Rogers

Delray Beach, FL
Facilitator: Doug Hood

New Jersey

Princeton, NJ
Facilitator: Shane Berg

New York

New York, New York
Facilitator: J.C. Austin

New York, NY 2
Facilitator: Kate Flexer


Columbus, OH All Female Cohort
Facilitator: Amy Miracle

Stadia OH
Facilitator: Tom Jones & David Cauble









Who and What is a Cohort?

Cohorts are highly committed, supportive, and collaborative learning communities of 10-15 ministry leaders who make a three-year commitment to one another and to the process of learning and growing together. In order to increase the probability of generative learning and impact on the lives of participants and their communities, cohorts are designed to represent the diversity of their local community. Combining high levels of diversity with high levels of commitment for a duration of three years results in an experience that is deeply transformative and, for many, life-changing.

Cohort participants develop lasting relationships and discover new ideas and innovative ways of reaching and leading their communities and equipping the church. These groups promote long-lasting community outreach and engagement. Each cohort includes:

  • High Level of Shared Commitment
  • Trained Facilitators
  • Contextualized Peer Learning
  • Access to Leading Voices
  • Formative Immersion Experiences
  • Community Engaged Congregations

Cohorts Gallery

Deeper Learning for Sustaining Ministry

The Ministry Collaborative’s focus isn’t on “skilling up” ministry leaders. Yes, skills like fundraising, conflict management, and preaching better sermons are important, but if pastors are to effectively deploy these skills for the long term, they require growth at a much deeper level where things like sustainability, adaptivity, and intuition are developed. Here are some areas we’re currently focused on:

  • Capacity Building
  • Developing Adaptivity
  • Nurturing Healthy Leadership
  • Stewarding Change
  • Creating Cultures
  • Sustainable Ministry Economics
  • Recovering and Deploying Joy
  • Digging a Deeper Well
  • Creativity, Risk Taking & Innovation
  • Congregational Witness & Vocation
  • Dec-entering Ministry & Mission

Our Network

The Ministry Collaborative continues to expand both regionally and strategically with cohorts all across the United States and abroad. We remain committed to serving pastors and equipping ministry in a variety of settings, especially the “hard” places, meaning places that don’t have as many available resources, places where the presence of Christian faith is rapidly vanishing, and places where there are acute social, racial, and economic divides, and so forth. This trust-building and resource sharing across these barriers serve as a model for what we hope to see in congregations and communities everywhere. If you’re interested in learning more about where our cohorts are located, or the other ways that we might be able to come alongside you in ministry, click the link below.

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