Yes, We Talk a Lot!

To say we have been through a lot over these past few years is a gross understatement. The seismic shifts that are still occurring across every area of our lives – the enormity of the adjustments we have had to make in our lives and ministries are unlike anything we’ve encountered before.

So, let’s talk.  How are you doing?

I know it seems a little silly to ask such a simple question in times like these. But over the years, I have come to see the church I serve as not much different than my immediate family.

In my family, we’ve had our share of grief, adversity, emergency, and stress.  We’ve gone through our share of setbacks, disruptions, and seasons of change and transitions.  We’ve had more than what we needed and sometimes less.  We’ve ridden through storms together while clinging to one another.

Along the way, we’ve developed the habit of checking in on one another.  We talk a lot. We talk about what’s going on in our lives, but we also talk about how we are feeling in relation to the events that are occurring around us.  Yes, we talk a lot.

At The Ministry Collab, we talk a lot.  We do a lot of “checking in.”  We’ve grown to know, love, and care for one another in deep and meaningful ways.  We share our struggles and concerns for the Church, while also celebrating successes and areas of growth and possibility.  We dream together.  We talk a lot – and it is necessarily so.

Perhaps, this is one of the gifts of this work.  While we consider our next moves both personally and professionally, and in light of the myriad changes we are all going through, let’s keep talking and “checking in.”

When’s the last time you “checked in” on your folks?  When’s the last time you let someone check-in” on you?  Let’s continue to hold this space for one another.  I think we may all be surprised by how the Spirit guides and sustains us when we give room.  Yes, we talk a lot but we listen even more… We want to hear from you.

Over the next several weeks you will be hearing from each of my colleagues as we discern what conversations we need to be having right now. We want and we welcome your feedback.  We want to hear from you…

But let’s start with this simple question:

Tell us…

“How are you doing?”

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