Y’all Need to Hear This!

Can you hear it?

“I am the good shepherd.”

It’s the voice of our faithful and steadfast shepherd, Jesus the Christ. He’s calling you by name.

He knows you – He knows all of us – as intimately as the Father and the Son know one another in the power of the Spirit. And you know Him, too, don’t you?

Yes, you do. He’s the chief overseer of your soul, comforting you, protecting you, leading you, equipping you, even at work within you, laying down His life for you. Have no fear!

We need these reminders from the scriptures because it’s difficult to hear the good shepherd’s voice…

… when we’ve been lured into thinking, so gradually and unconsciously, that we are ultimately the shepherd of our own souls. Good news – you’re not!

… when the voice of our own leading, with all the best intentions, is just too loud.

… when we allow the noisy gongs and clanging cymbals of our culture (and ministry settings) to drown out the voices that matter – and indeed THE voice that matters – with distraction, division, and deceit.

… when we’re simply not listening.

Maybe the most basic yet significant criteria for ministry leadership – in the pulpit, in the board mtg, in the small group, in the local mission work – is, “who’s voice is the loudest?” And if it’s not the voice of Jesus, having the courage to ask, “why not?’

Speak Lord, for your servants are listening….

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