What Is a Church Cohort Program?

In order to properly serve their church members and communities, ministry leaders often commit to joining learning communities known as a church cohort program. These programs include other leaders for a set amount of time, usually lasting around two to three years. Let’s take a look at what this program is and the benefits of it.

Who Can Join This Type of Program?

These leaders understand the importance of continuing their spiritual journey and education to provide the support and wisdom their church members require. A church program is made up of men and women from diverse backgrounds, races, and ethnicities and various leadership positions within the church. A diverse group of people encourages growth, creativity, and collaboration that may not otherwise be possible.

How Do These Programs Increase Faith?

We are living through challenging times, and many people are leaning more heavily on their faith to get through the hard times. For example, according to Lifeway Research, one-third of Americans that attend Protestant churches read their Bibles on a daily basis. While this statistics shows an insight into one religion, we can assume that believers from all different faiths are spending more time doing the same to seek refuge, reassurance, and hope for the future.

Because of this time spent on their faith, a church cohort program is critical to positively affect the lives of church members. Through continued education, study, collaboration, and exploration, church programs keep ministry leaders educated and prepared to lead their churches successfully.

What Skills Do Pastors Learn?

In a church program, ministry leaders develop skills including:

    • Develop new approaches and skills to lead a congregation
    • Improve and grow as a disciple of Jesus Christ in order to better lead others
    • Working in the community to participate in God’s reconciliation and redemption
    • Build a trusted group of peers to learn innovative ways to lead and shape culture

What Are the Benefits of This Program?

A three-year commitment to a church program can be powerful for everyone involved, including the ministry leadership, congregation, and the local community it supports. It improves the value of the ministry and its current and future members. Peer groups like a cohort can help individual leaders grow in their relationships with God and build better educators and teachers that can improve the lives of the congregation and their relationship with God.

Many cohorts meet weekly, online, or in person. Continued communication, collaboration, and education are key to each member’s development and growth. If you are a ministry leader interested in joining or creating a cohort, it can have a drastically positive effect on your congregation. Take a look at the various programs we offer to help leaders like you succeed.

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