We Welcome Scotland’s Newest Cohort!

A Message From the Facilitator:

“Hi to all you readers as one in Christ. It is especially rewarding to be involved in Macedonian Ministry. We here in Scotland have been energized, warmed and upheld by the generosity of this wonderful organization.

Our Cohort is now in year two and we, by God’s Grace will visit The Holy Land with the Macedonian Ministry North Dakota cohort in the Summer of 2019. A truly international bonding. Our group is made up of Presbyterian pastors, or ministers as we are known, of varying ages, male and female. We serve in differing locations, in towns and rural areas, and one of our pastors, Gillian, serves in an urban area of deprivation working with what society would call “the least of these,” huge areas of poverty and addiction. We challenge one another, enjoy the teaching one another but most of all, just love and trust one another other knowing our backs are well and truly covered. Retreats together are like bathing in a pool of blessing. Two of our pastors bring a refreshing input to our experience as they are both African, one from The Congo and the other from Cameroon, Abi and Amos. With the decline of the church here we see their input with us as mission in reverse and we are truly blessed.

Our cohort is co-facilitated by Peter Neilson and myself, Arthur, and in this alone, a deep bond and friendship has been forged.

From Scotland, our blessings to you all- deep peace.”

– Rev. Arthur Christie, Facilitator, Kirkcaldy, Scotland Cohort


Meet the Cohort!

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