We Welcome Macedonian Ministry’s 2017 Cohort, Oxford, NC!

Making Progress with God’s Calling

“The Oxford North Carolina Cohort, located in the upper piedmont region of the State, is nestled between a rural and urban setting. We show respect to Oxford’s past, as we spend much time in more progressive Raleigh, Durham and Chapel Hill. We are a diverse group in age and race, with one female who holds her own in all situations. Some of our members claim allegiance to Duke, Shaw and Apex Schools of Divinity, where they are presently being trained to meet congregational challenges that are facing Pastors everywhere. Those enrolled put to practice what they learn in seminary in a real kind of way. The Macedonian Ministry Cohort experience is rich in opportunities, and the lessons learned from each other strengthen our individual resolve to be what God has called us to be, ‘Men and women of God in these trying times.'” – Pastor Willie Darby, Cohort Mentor

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