We Welcome Charlotte’s 2018 Cohort!

“On September 20, 2016, Keith Lamont Scott was shot and killed by a police officer in Charlotte. In the ensuing days, rage fueled by years of racial inequity in our city, spilled into our streets and onto media around the world. It was a real wake up call for our city.

Subsequently, Macedonian Ministry felt a call to develop a cohort in Charlotte to strengthen the relationships of pastors across denominational and racial lines; so here we are. We are fifteen pastors, nine African American, six Anglo, from five different denominations. We serve congregations from 100 members to 4,800. We come from the north, south, east and west of our city, from the wealthiest neighborhoods and the poorest. As we continue to build our relationships and trust, we pray God will use our fellowship to bring reconciliation and healing to our city.”

Dr. Joe Clifford, Cohort Facilitator, Charlotte

Meet the Cohort!

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