We Welcome Austin’s 2018 Cohort!

Growing Faithfully, Together

“Our first Austin cohort brings together strong leaders from across the area. Each in a distinct way, we are considering how to navigate change: change in the American religious landscape, changes in staff roles or our own roles, change in our congregations’ sense of identity. We are diverse in denomination, life stage and gender. We are senior pastors, solo pastors, associate pastors and co pastors. Some of us carry a wealth of experience from vocational ministry, and others of us serve informed by previous career experience in engineering, law enforcement, corporate business, or service with the Marine Corps.

We hope our time dedicated to leadership development and mutual support will lift us up as people, strengthen us and the communities we pastor, and ultimately benefit our wider community. As we are growing together, we keep a steady eye on how we might faithfully serve Central Texas together!” – Rev. Carrie Graham, Cohort Facilitator

Meet the Cohort!

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