Thank YOU!

This year has been amazing! To each of you who has joined us in this wonderful work of supporting, equipping and transforming pastors and congregations, we say thank you! Whether you have served as a facilitator, a cohort member, a presenter, a conversation partner, a donor, and/or a board member we applaud your contribution and thank God for you journeying with us. God has graced us to start new cohorts, expand to new cities and partner with new people and we are excited for the many ways this work will continue in the new year. We are thankful for your investment in the work of Kingdom building and for the Spirit of God that binds us all together in love.

During this advent season we pray that each one of you has an opportunity to experience afresh the peace and renewed presence that we so eagerly anticipate as we celebrate the birth of Jesus, the Christ. We invite you to Selah; to rest, reflect and refresh by intentionally cultivating and joy. We trust that the Spirit will honor our efforts and give us rest for our weary souls.


Merry Christmas!


Let There Be


Let there be peace on earth

And let it begin with me

The me that I’m supposed to be

Envisioned in my mother’s womb

Created by Divine intention

Unencumbered by brokenness 

Let God’s vision manifest

In each and every perfected breath

Let God’s will be done 


Let there be grace on earth

A place where judgment rests

Instead of pillaging pressed through lives

Condemnation at our breast

Let’s just cut some sacred slack

And let each other go

Onto greatness

Becoming best

At Gods behest 

And our humble request


Let there be forgiveness on earth

The bloodthirsty hound of vengeance slain

Let our want to make them pay

Be replaced by heaven’s gain

No more need to taunt and wrest

Comeuppance from our enemy’s fist


Let there be healing on earth

Transforming from inside out

Shining light in darkness and fear

Casting out shame whenever near

Cleaning our hearts of sickness and spite 

Renewing our spirits inside


Let there be righteousness on earth

Places where anything Holy goes

The truth not made by religious folks 

Or those justifying hedonistic yolks

But righteousness bought & paid in blood

By one who walked with us

Who rose securing freedoms reign

Leaving Divine comfort 

Til coming again


Let there be Christ on earth

And let the world see Him in us

Our vulnerabilities used for love

Drawing lonely people to the one above

Knowing, sharing, believing, caring 

The ministry of presence shown 

The gift of salvation making us daring

Calling the world to grace unsparing


Let our God reign on earth

And let God begin with us!


Article Written By:

Rev. Jennifer Watley Maxell, Co-founder + Pastor, The Breakthrough Fellowship & Program Curator, Macedonian Ministry

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