Support Macedonian Ministry Pastors on #GivingTuesday

Given the demands of ministry, a majority of pastors experience crippling isolation and seasons of depression. A Pew study notes that as recent as 2012, over 20,000 pastors left congregational ministry.  Macedonian Ministry strives to ensure that our pastors receive the necessary support, skills, and inspiration to remain faithfully committed to their calling.  Your gift to Macedonian Ministry on this #GivingTuesday helps to create space where pastors, like those in this video, find the bond of friendship, a wealth of support, and deep encouragement that is nothing short of life-changing.  Be a part of the #GivingTuesday movement and donate today.


Glacier Presbytery Cohort: Proving Fellowship and Friendship Can Move Mountains from Macedonian Ministry on Vimeo.


Thank you to all who support pastors in their call to serve the world with the love of Christ with your generosity to Macedonian Ministry.

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