Signs, Signs, Everywhere Signs

Last week, Adam Borneman opened up the idea of road signs and ministry.  We’re going to follow this fruitful idea for the next several weeks.

Any journey of more than a block brings an encounter with a multitude of signs.  While at any given moment a particular road sign may serve as the emblem for a specific experience in ministry, most likely, our journey in ministry is populated by a whole series of signs.

But much like speeding down a highway in heavy traffic with clusters of signs drawing our episodic attention for just seconds at a time, a key to a successful journey is being able to follow the right signs at the right time. 

We don’t need signs directing us to a hospital…until we do.

It’s important to obey signs that tell us not to enter, while a sign for camping or a rest stop can be something we entertain when we feel like it.

Signs for a good route to traverse on foot or by bike can help us move beyond thinking a car is the only option.

Yield is different than stop in ministry.

The caution of a speed bump is needful, but drivers will take those bumps at varying speeds.

Knowing where we need to take care of children is essential…as is knowing when to be watchful for occasional pedestrians.

The work of ministry requires fluency in all the signs, clear direct and peripheral vision, and the quick judgment to discern the ones to obey and the ones to consider…as well as the ones to ignore.

Watch this week:  what road signs would you use to label all your ministry activity?  Which ones are essential for your ministry and which are ones to consider…and follow or not?

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