Part 7: What Road Signs Are You Seeing in Your Ministry?

We invited Macedonian Ministry pastor, Marthame Sanders, to reflect on “road signs” he’s seeing in his ministry and here’s what he had to say:

Share the Road
Reflection by: Marthame Sanders



In my Atlanta, car-centric context, these periodic signs are helpful reminders that there are other ways of getting around. Those of us in ministry would do well to remember the same: the church is not the only way people find to navigate their way through the world. We would do well to learn to share. For two years now, my ministry context has been radically different: a podcast, aijcast, that stands at the intersection of art, inspiration, and justice. I have connected with artists, pastors, activists – a myriad fellow sojourners who truly desire a more beautiful, just world. For a number of them, the church has failed its test as a reliable vehicle for this sacred destination. And rather than try to convince them otherwise, I have discovered the gift of simply sharing the road, journeying together where we can, and creating our own beauty along the way.

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