Preach Like TED

If I were to recommend one book this summer for you preachers, it would be Talk Like Ted: The 9 Public Speaking Secrets of the World’s Top Minds by Carmine Gallo. It’s not a preaching book, per say, but it is a book about the art (and the science) of effective communication. And effective communication is at the heart of the preaching moment. The author is a public speaking coach who in this book analyzes the most-watched TED talks and breaks them down, with ample explanation and examples, into the component parts (the nine secrets) that make them so gripping and compelling. In short, so effective. Those nine secrets fall under three “musts” for truly effective oration. It must be emotional (it touches the heart), novel (it teaches something new), and memorable (presents content in ways that are unforgettable.) Believe me, it’s a treasure trove for the preacher. You’ve got the best news in the world to share, preachers! This book could make your proclamation all the more compelling!

If you’re open to another angle and to harvesting rhetorical wisdom across disciplines as you hone the fine art of preaching, you will find this book refreshing. And, who knows, you might pick up some tips that would make you an even more inspiring preacher than you are now!

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