Let Love Be

“This is hard” the words came quick, without warning catching me off guard. I wasn’t expecting this confession. Not from her, not today. I had already reached the limits of my own exhaustion and anxiety. I had already used my comforting words for the day and was fresh out. So I said nothing. It was a first.

We sat in the silence lost in our own experiences of THIS comforted by each other’s presence knowing we each understood. One heavy sigh followed another, one halfhearted smile and head nod given freely then returned. We didn’t say much, because we didn’t have too. We felt loved.

When love is genuine we don’t get hung up on words and actions we listen in the Spirit trusting God to intercede.

When love is genuine we let go of selfish motives, agendas, insecurities and our need to be right and hold onto mercy, justice, and grace.

When love is genuine we understand that what we do matters, but sometimes what we don’t do counts more.

When love is genuine we love with mutuality, respect and affection instead of demanding “tit for tat” reciprocity.

When love is genuine we seek opportunity to affirm, pour into and build each other up, instead of nit-picking disguised as critique.

When love is genuine we divest ourselves of “our“ stuff so all of us can share it.

When love is genuine we hold safe space even when it’s hard knowing that THIS is hard for all of us.

When love is genuine we know that the power of life and death aren’t in our politics but in our tongues and we refuse to relinquish our individual  and collective power to speak life in deadly situations.

Today is a great day to let love be genuine.

Make the call.

Send the text.

Have the conversation.

Take the stand.

Hold safe, sacred space.

Let your love be.

“Let love be genuine; hate what is evil, hold fast to what is good; love one another with mutual affection; outdo one another in showing honor.” – Romans 12:9-10 NRSV

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  • Dr. Karen F. Briggs
    Posted at 17:08h, 05 July Reply

    Amen. Excellent word.

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