Leadership Conversations with Jennifer Maxell


Flourish: Taking the Risk of Vulnerability, Safety & Authenticity in Ministry


We are living and leading in interesting times. People are either turning to the church, with more demands and expectations on us as leaders and the church in general; or they are leaving the church sometimes hurt, sometimes confused, almost always searching for more.

As leaders we exhaust ourselves trying to meet these demands by doing more, but what if the answer isn’t doing more, but BEING more? Being more authentic to be exact. If we’ve been in ministry for any length of time, we know that authenticity can be risky business, but what if that is the risk that we are being asked to take as we try to navigate these interesting days and create safe spaces where God’s people can flourish?


Rev. Jennifer Watley Maxell
The Breakthrough Fellowship,
Pastor & Co-Founder





Jennifer Watley Maxell is a minister, educator, church co-founder, life coach and motivational Speaker known for her interactive teaching and creative communication style. She has a passion for making the complex, simple as she speaks truth to people in ways they can understand and apply to their everyday lives. In addition to the ecclesiastical ministry, Jennifer is an accomplished teacher, facilitator and administrator, who uses her pedagogical expertise to engage clergy, laity, business professionals, students and youth in worship and learning experiences that are hands-on and practical. Her unique approach allows people to engage their faith in innovative ways leading to new and dynamic understandings of their relationships with God, themselves and others. By encouraging people to “take the plastic off the Bible”, Jennifer delights in helping broken people find wholeness through an intimate relationship with Jesus Christ.

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