How to Start Digging a Deeper Well


You have to start some place. And so we did.

Over the next few weeks we are going to revisit some of the places we started our digging, seven months ago, in order to help church boards go deeper in their meetings and discern what is most important in their roles and discussions.

We began with three posts inviting church boards to stop and consider, to pay attention to possibilities in their meeting life that might easily be overlooked.

The possibilities of public space.
The possibilities of praying together.
The possibilities of deeper honesty.

We also offered a few notes in preparation for doing a discussion with your church board, based on an article and a Biblical text, which might be worth revisiting:

• The goal is not to ‘solve’ the problem presented, but to appreciate more fully the complexity in our potential responses and how, as a group, we may together come to understand the challenges presented.

• Also, the scriptural text is not added to ‘answer’ the article or other reading. They exist side by side, each talking to and with the other in a way that may take us deeper in examination about how we live our faith in the world.

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