God Who Hovers Over Us

Snapshots of the Life-Giving God. Week 2: God Our Constant Companion

Snapshots capture unique moments of our lives that often suggest something about who we are, what and who we care about, where we find joy, and how we make meaning. In a similar way, scripture provides snapshots of the God who loves us, cares for us, and shapes us into the leaders God has called us to be. So for the next few weeks we’ll be reflecting on several roles, images, and expressions of God as life-giver and sustainer. Our prayer is that you’ll be encouraged and inspired along the way.

“Now the earth was formless and empty, darkness was over the surface of the deep, and the Spirit of God was hovering over the waters.” Genesis 1:2

Sunrise on the Black Sea. (11/2022)












You Are Here

i once thought Your love for me
Laid in the pages
Of the book You inspired
The more i read
The more questions I had
So what?
i read & read
Curiosity spread

Then i began to ponder
Wrestling with theories, constructs &
Uncertainty starting to haunt me
Asking those around me
With letters & titles
Even PhD’s
Their rhetoric
Often confused me
When held up to your Son
His light distorting profusely

Your institutions
Tried to box me in
Concerned with
Wielding shame over sin
Making zombie like disciples
Just like them
Telling me what they knew
& where they’d been
Who they were &
What You meant
Even called you Him
Making you common
Just like them

Thats when I became afraid
That You were just a relic
A has-been
A myth based on glory days
Dry parched history
Rigor Mortis set in
I prayed & cried
Realizing I’d never fit in

But then
YOUR voice
Echoing from within
Akin to my formation
In Your lab
Of mothers womb
Lyrical biblical accent
Comforting & Familiar
Reminding me of Your character

What YOU did for them: him & her
Seeing YOU lifted high & bright
Through stained glass
Refracted light
Trials & tribulations survived
Rustling in squeaking wooden benches
Bone deep remembrances of my
Ancestors religion
Drum beat Spirituality
Aligning chakras
Mysticism & Healing
Blood dripping from the crucified Word
Through sacred space & time
Covering every splintered
Broken piece in this heart of mine
Ordering every step
Gathering every
Peace of my mind
Adjusting my vision
Tuning my ear
Then I realized
Not in the pages, buildings and stories
We prize

You Are Here
Just like you were back then
Begging us to know you
Waiting for us to show you
What’s up with us
So You can create clean hearts
Give us new names
Innovate forgiven flesh
On sinful frames
Bestowing new identity

You Are Here
More than who you were
Willing us
To rock with the new things
You’re doing
Instead of stewing
Over yesterday’s blessings
Coveting others miracles

You Are Here
Standing firm
Ever consistent
Not helicoptering but
Hovering over
Our perceived destruction
You call it creation
Knowing through it
Redemption & your promise
Of the next thing comes
Just because we didn’t hear it
Doesn’t mean You didn’t do it
Help us seek YOUR revelation
Instead of always trying to prove it

YOU Are Here
Willing me
Beseeching US
To be brave
Stop privileging our knowledge
To the detriment of our knowing
That’s the reason why He came
Why Your Spirit
Runs up & through us
Not to control us
Simply to free us
So we can live
With power & assurance
Feeling and believing

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