Communicate to Change

If you want to lead change (and, frankly change is needed in our churches, communities, nation, and world), communication is key. I have been reading and thinking about leading change and have noted several components of effective communication: 

Communication with God is essential. No change is worthwhile unless it is God-sized. Pray alone. Pray with your leadership team, pray with individuals. God has something God wants to communicate.

Signal ahead of time to your leadership team what you are thinking and reading, by whom/what you’re being influenced, what dream God is sowing in your heart and imagination. Let it have air and light to flourish and grow.

Cast the vision. “Make it plain, so that any runner could read it.”

Do not miss a single chance to proclaim it. (Sermons, newsletters, prayers for the offering, prayers of the people, personal touches by note, phone or cell and in-person visits, bulletins, website, Facebook page.) You know, share the vision everywhere and often. Stay laser-focused on the change God is prompting you to make.

Listen. Do not count on everyone just “getting it” off the bat. There will be naysayers and they need a respectful hearing (though that is not the same thing as capitulating to what you hear) and there will be those who offer important nuances that hone and refine in beautiful ways.

Finally, do not wait until you have brought everyone on board because, if you do, the change will never happen. Make the change and continue all of the above. Some you may lose but most will come along as the change unfolds and God’s will is done on earth as it is in heaven. As the old hymn puts it, “trust and obey.” Or to turn that around, obey and then trust God.

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