Children at Play

I have two young children, and one thing I deeply and truly envy about them is their ability to play in just about any circumstance, no matter the context, time of day, who else is present, or what the objects of play might be. Their imaginations run wild. There’s so much joy. It’s truly amazing and wonderful to behold.

Every ministry should, at some level, be “children at play.” If there’s no curiosity, imagination, experimenting, discovery, playfulness, or joy, there might not be much ministry happening. God forbid it ever be fun!

When Jesus described the faith of children as the standard, I don’t think it was hyperbole or metaphor. I think he was saying something about the necessity of simplicity, wonder, dependence on others, living in the moment, the gift of naivety.

Take a moment to think about your ministry context. Is there any playfulness happening in the midst of the goals, strategies, projects, plans, meetings, and metrics?
Could you put up a sign that says “children at play”? Would it be accurate? If not, what are some ways to integrate some playfulness?

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