Anxiety and Attention


Note: Throughout the summer we are revisiting posts of the past year, grouped around common themes. We will return with new entries right after Labor Day.

Several of our past posts have encouraged congregational leaders who are feeling anxious about their responsibilities to shift the focus of their attention. Church boards often struggle to discern what they should strive to do…and what they should trust that God will do. Many church boards finally reach an unspoken conclusion: “thanks, God, we can take it from here.” In that moment, attention to the purposes, intentions, and radical grace of God takes a backseat to prudent decisions, reasonable debate, and linear (or not so linear) deliberation.

So, how do we not lose focus on the purposes, intentions and radical grace of God even as we go about our responsible church work? Here are two approaches to that question, with resources drawn from T.S. Eliot, Matthew 6, and Bruce Springsteen.

To Care and Not to Care

Don’t Miss It

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