A Year of Progress and Growth


 “Macedonian Ministry has changed my life. The group of faith leaders in our cohort have become my closest friends. We worship together, encourage each other, challenge each other, mourn and celebrate with each other. Most of all, we *hear* each other. The biggest gift of this program has been providing a space where we can be completely ourselves without judgment – indeed, where we can be met with understanding and love.”

– Rev. Esta Jarrett, Pastor, Canton Presbyterian Church, Asheville, NC, Macedonian Ministry Asheville, NC Cohort Member.

Our Supporters are Making a Difference!

Our supporters are a vital part of the Macedonian Ministry family, and we could not be more grateful. The support, encouragement, creative ideas, prayers, and financial generosity Macedonian Ministry receives are making a difference in the lives of pastors and their congregations all across the United States and Scotland.  

A Year of Progress and Growth
This year alone, our supporters have helped make it possible for Macedonian Ministry to continue to increase the number of cohorts we start each year, create a program for “alumni” cohorts, establish a renowned faculty of gifted leaders to facilitate workshops and seminars for pastors all over the country, and begin plans for our “Leadership Conversations” webinars which will start in early 2018.

In short, all of our supporters make it possible for Macedonian Ministry to answer the call of Acts 16, “come over and help us” in more places and for more pastors than we could have ever imagined.

By the end of 2018, the Macedonian Ministry family will include almost 500 pastors that we’ve served, supported, and trained since 2008!

Read Macedonian Ministry’s “A Year of Progress and Growth” report to learn more about how our donors are making a difference.


Support Us Today

A Pew study notes that as recent as 2012, over 20,000 pastors left congregational ministry. Your gift helps to ensure that our most gifted ministers, like Esta Jarrett, receive the necessary support, skills, and inspiration to remain faithfully committed to their calling.

Macedonian Ministry offers two ways to donate for your convenience via online or by mail. Learn more →



Thank you to all who support pastors in their call to serve the world with the love of Christ with your generosity to Macedonian Ministry.

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