4 Tips for Finding a Great Christian Podcast

Christianity is still the most dominant religion in America, with 84% of the Silent Generation claiming they are Christian, 76% of Baby Boomers, and 67% of Generation X claiming the same, according to Lifeway research. However, it’s also a new world with amazing Christian podcast options that discuss important faith-based questions and share beautiful Christian stories. Here are four tips to help you find podcasts you’ll love to grow your faith.

1. Download a Podcast Player

Start your podcast journey by downloading an app to search for and play new podcasts. For example, you can search through the lists on apps by typing “Christian,” “Bible,” or other religious keywords. There are also apps that automatically scan podcast lists and send suggestions to you so you can stay on top of the latest podcasts.

2. Know What Topics You Want to Hear

Podcasts are fascinating because they cover many topics that are interesting to Christians like you. For example, they may discuss things like modern Christian viewpoints, issues affecting Christians like you in today’s society, or beautiful stories about faith-based topics. Know what kind of podcast you want to hear and start searching for one that meets your qualifications.

3. Read Through Reviews

Before listening to any Christian podcasts, take the time to read their reviews on their website or on the app. Are Christians engaged and excited about the podcast? Are there many listeners or just a few? Furthermore, does the podcast update regularly, or is it sporadic? Ask these questions when reading the reviews to learn more about what each podcast brings to the table and whether they’re worth trying.

4. Give It a Listen

Simply reading about a podcast is not enough to know whether it’s right for you. Sit down one day by yourself or with family and listen to a few podcasts. Do the commentators tell interesting stories? Are they honoring your faith and your beliefs? Is their message truly Christian? Ask yourself these questions as you listen and add them to your list if you think they suit you.

A great Christian podcast can be far more than just entertainment. It can also heal the soul and provide you with important spiritual guidance in what can often feel like dark or dangerous times. Take the time to follow these tips to discover a podcast that you and your whole family may love. Give our podcast a listen today and find out why so many listeners keep coming back for more.

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