4 Pastor Resources You Should Take Advantage Of

We all need a little extra love and support at some point in our lives. Whether facing a new challenge, you’re at a fork in the road with your faith, relationships, job, or any other difficult season or transition, many people reach out to their pastor for guidance. The church may offer pastor resources to support the community, and taking advantage of them is highly recommended to enrich your life as a church leader. Keep reading to see what resources you should take advantage of.

1. Webinars

Webinars can feature significant individuals in the ministry or even society that are meaningful to pastors and the community. Webinar technology makes it possible to bring these people in without time, money, and travel constraints, so you can see how to become a better leader.

2. Podcasts

Podcasts can highlight important topics that you may be focusing on during certain weeks, like Easter or Christmas. If they are offering additional sermons via a podcast, tuning in can provide additional insight and important messages that you need to hear and share during your next mass.

3. Workshops

One of the best pastor resources for church leaders is going to workshops and other similar events. These allow direct interaction between you and other leaders to build relationships and trust. Workshops can help people form connections, develop new ideas, and discover new ways to improve and build on the ministry and community they’re working for. According to Lifeway Research, the most popular activities include adult small-group Bible studies as the most popular activity for churchgoers, followed by student ministry gatherings at 53%, children’s activities (48%), and prayer meetings (45%). All of these can be great resources a pastor can learn about and begin hosting.

4. Blog Posts

Blog posts are a helpful resource for a church’s pastor to seek guidance from other leaders and important members of the church. Aside from the weekly sermon, a church leader can access the church’s blog to discover ways to share more words and wisdom. Whether you want to help those who are walking a path of mourning, are searching for something new and fulfilling, or are in need of support in other aspects of their lives, blog posts can be one of the most beneficial pastor resources as church leader.

There are so many ways you can become a better leader through the pastor resources at your church and outside of it. Take a look at the resources we offer, including podcasts and blog posts many leaders love to tune into.

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