2016 Mentor Gathering: A Learning Cohort of Mentors

The 2016 Macedonian Ministry Mentor Gathering was held on February 29th and March 1st in Atlanta, and it was a wonderful time of fellowship, prayer, encouragement, brainstorming, and mentorship.

We conduct regular video conference gatherings with our mentors throughout the year, but we look forward to our annual face-to-face gathering where mentors share stories and best practices, receive organizational and program updates, and engage in dialogue facilitated by the Macedonian Ministry staff. Through these engagements, both virtually and in person, our mentors, in a sense, become a cohort (learning & supportive community) themselves.

Our time was rich and full. Along with worship and fellowship, we engaged in such topics as pastoral care, curriculum, and what kind of pastoral leaders we are seeking to shape, plus sharing some new features of our program. During this gathering we welcomed new 2016 mentors, Jack Fortin and Kelly Chatman (Twin Cities), Ted Thomas (Warsaw, NC) and J.C. Austin (NYC). Also, five of our cohorts are going on pilgrimage to the Holy Land this spring (Watford City, Delray Beach, Asheville, and two cohorts from North Central Iowa), and we had the chance to bless them on their way.

This event is always a highlight of the Macedonian Ministry calendar, and we are already eagerly anticipating our gathering in 2017!

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