2015 Macedonian Ministry International Leadership Conference

On behalf of Macedonian Ministry, we are grateful to the incredible presenters, panelists, and most importantly, attendees who made the “We’ve Never Done It That Way Before,” 2015 Conference a success. We came together on August 31 – September 2 at the Georgia Tech Hotel and Conference Center in Atlanta for inspirational workshops, seminars, panels and sharing.

The days were set up and flowed as if it were one large worship service with communion, prayer and worship. MM cohorts from around the world were able to connect and network with one another, share resources with one another, pray and sing with one another, etc. The joy and energy throughout the conference was palpable!!

Thank you for making this happen every day and for sharing your work with the rest of this growing Cohort movement.

What We Heard from Attendees

“I am so thankful to God and to our benefactor for Macedonian Ministry and this conference. It has changed my life in a most profound way and re-energized my ministry. When our three years are over I plan to continue to contribute, encourage, pray, and volunteer to help others receive the benefits that I have received.”

“I really enjoyed seeing the Kingdom embodied in the various cohorts – in their inclusiveness of women and men in leadership, in the diversity of racial expressions, in the call to service with creativity and risk. The whole conference raised possibility for powerful ministry that was contextual, impactful, and gospel centered. Hearing the work of many – The Dallas-Ft. Worth Cohort’s work with public schools, Father Brian’s ministry in North Dakota, the Laundry Mat Ministry in Florida – was encouraging!”

“I thank God for all of you. Macedonian Ministry transformed my ministry and the church I serve!”

Conference Recap

During the riveting two days we participated in community-building exercises, worship, fellowship, and resource sharing with engaged Macedonian Ministry cohorts from all over the country. See details below by clicking on the tab.

[wptabs type=”accordion” mode=”horizontal”][wptabtitle]Conference Details[/wptabtitle] [wptabcontent]MM Cohorts (Active & Alumni) Represented in Attendance

  • MM Asheville, NC Cohort
  • MM Atlanta Cohort #1
  • MM Atlanta Cohort #2
  • MM Birmingham, AL Cohort
  • MM Dallas-Ft. Worth, TX Cohort
  • MM Glacier Presbytery Cohort
  • MM Jacksonville, FL Cohort
  • MM Northern Iowa Presbytery (West)
  • MM Northern Iowa Presbytery (East)
  • MM Princeton, NJ Cohort
  • MM Richmond, VA
  • MM St. Andrews, Scotland Cohort
  • MM South Florida Cohort
  • MM Candler Cohort

Others Represented in Attendance

  • Potential Future MM Cohort Participants
  • Pastors in Presbytery of Greater Atlanta (local ATL pastors who have relationships with MM Staff)
  • CF Foundation/Nonami
  • Macedonian Ministry Board

Keynote Speakers

  • Dr. Tod Bolsinger – August 31 PM, “Camels In A Rainforest”
  • Dr. Joanna Adams – September 1 AM, “Bold Leadership for a Timid Church”
  • Dr. Darrell Guder & Rev. Corey Widmer – September 1 PM (1), “So I Send You”
  • Dr. Paul Roberts, Dr. Tom Long, Rev. Mark Ramsey, Rev. Courtney Arntzen, Rev. Joe Scrivner, Dr. Joanna Adams – September 1 PM (2), Panel, “What Do Pastors Have to Be, Do and Have in Order to be Effective Today?”
  • Dr. Willie Jennings – September 2 AM (1), “Location, Location, Location”
  • Dr. Tom Tewell – September 2 AM (2), “Deep C”

We Never Did It That Way Before (7 minute witness of MM pastors who are successfully doing ministry differently)

MM Post evaluations showed that these short snippets of MM pastors doing ministry in a new, powerful, and effective way, were some of the most inspiring and hopeful moments of the conference. It reminded them that God is at work in the world and ministry is messy and amazing simultaneously.

  • Rev. Miriam Mauritzen (Associate Pastor, First Presbyterian Church of Kalispell, MT) – shared the moving story of Serious JuJu, an incredible skateboarding ministry in Kalispell, MT that is changing lives of children in their community through the love & message of Jesus Christ!
  • Father Brian Gross (MM Watford City, ND Cohort Co-Mentor & Pastor of Epiphany Catholic Church) – shared the powerful & creative way he ministers (in a nut-shell…casual conversation while enjoying a cigar) to his community in Watford City, ND! Watford City has been bombarded by the oil industry which has dramatically changed the landscape and culture of that community.
  • Rev. Maureen Gerald (MM Princeton Cohort Alumni, Elder of Kingdom Church, and Founding Member of Trenton Transformation Team) – shared the joyful, but real & authentic challenges of suburban & urban pastors doing ministry together.
  • Rev. Susan Rogers (MM Jacksonville, FL Cohort Member & Pastor of The Well at Springfield) – Shared the powerful Laundry & Listening ministry that actively seeks to be the church to the people where they are, in their local community!

Workshop Leaders/Topics

  • Creating a Culture of Disciples – Steve Eason
  • Creating a Culture of Invitation – Mark Ramsey & Kristy Farber
  • Creating a Culture of Generosity – Tom Tewell, Karl Travis, & MM Donors
  • Creating a Culture of Proclamation – Tom Long, Adam Mixon, David Lewicki, Carrie English, & Dana Hughes
  • Creating a Culture of Visionaries – Sheldon McGorman
  • Creating a Culture of Harmony in the Face of Discord – Courtney Arntzen & Dan Cravy
  • Creating a Culture of Adventure – Tod Bolsinger


  • Dr. Wilson Gunn – bass
  • Dr. Sheldon Sorge – keyboard
  • Rev. Courtney Arntzen – vocals

[wptabtitle]Watch Conference Videos[/wptabtitle] [wptabcontent]During the two-day Macedonian Ministry 2015 National Conference, we sparked ideas for creative leadership and explored ways to quell the fear and uncertainly of “We’ve Never Done It That Way Before.”

Get a glimpse of some of the inspirational moments.
[wptabtitle]View Conference Photos[/wptabtitle] [wptabcontent]

To check out the fun and excitement during the conference, click on the image below to scroll through the slideshow.


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