The Incredible Challenge of Navigating Ministry During a Pandemic in this Election Season

What can we say, 2020 has been a doozy and we are just beginning the fourth quarter. In addition to “everything pandemic” and the most recent movements advocating for racial justice, we are also experiencing societal upheaval…and now such anxiety around the election. How do faith leaders address all the anxiety? How do we navigate those in their congregations who expect agreement and/or validation of their political perspective? And, there are our fellow clergy whose theology differs greatly from our own and the pressure we feel to say or do something. Either way the election goes, a significant portion of our country will be ecstatic, and an equally large population will be greatly disappointed post-election and many of them will be coming to church. This week and next we will gather in webinars with colleagues in ministry to discuss where we are and some possibilities for moving forward. This Wednesday, we are thrilled to be joined by Jennifer Watley Maxell, The Ministry Collaborative Program Curator and Co-founder of The Breakthrough Fellowship, Amy Miracle, Pastor of Broad Street Presbyterian Church, Elliott Robinson, Founder of Creative Tension, and Trey Haddon, Senior Pastor of Second Presbyterian Church.


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