Leading with Imagination During Uncertain Times

Now that much of the Holy Week dust has settled, we find ourselves with a host of short-term and long-term questions, and few clear answers. What will it mean to nurture patience and durability in our congregations? How can we instill hopefulness in a way that isn’t cheap but which has substance and staying power? What needs to be fast, and what needs to be slow right now? What deeply held assumptions about ministry need to be challenged or discarded? And in what areas of life and energy will we need to be the most imaginative? For what can we be thankful right now?

We are joined by Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary’s Assistant Professor of Formation, Youth, and Culture, Reginald Blount, Pastor of Covenant Presbyterian Church in Austin, TX, Thomas Daniel, and Founder of The Abbey Episcopal Church in Birmingham, AL, Katie Nakamura Rengers.


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