Agility Is Not Optional

There are countless needs, voices, and opportunities vying for your time and energy right now. We all have a lot of choices to make about how we respond. But one of the key gifts God gives us for responding to the Holy Spirit with deep trust is agility. How can we remain nimble and flexible, not locked into one single lane, learning from unexpected sources that are not on our radar, involving and equipping our congregations and communities in unprecedented ways, collaborating with unlikely partners, asking an ever-broadening set of questions, improvising with the movement of the Holy Spirit? Agility is not optional (and actually, it never has been). It’s the faithful manner in which we can remain open to whatever God is placing before us.

We are joined by Interdenominational Theological Center’s Vice President for Academic Affairs/Provost and Associate Professor of Christian Education, Maisha Handy, Director of Middle School Ministry at Buckhead Church, Terrence Smith, and podcaster, producer, musician, improviser, and consultant, Marthame Sanders.


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