Holy Mischief: A Conversation with Shannon Karafanda

Congregational and Pastoral Formation Curator Amy Valdez Barker speaks again with the Rev. Shannon Karafanda (Trinity UMC, Cartersville, GA) about disruptive acts of kindness, the science of generosity, and bridging the church and the world.


Leaving the Ground Fallow: A Conversation on Ministry and Exhaustion

Program Director Adam Borneman and Facilitator Curator Beth Daniel speak about the seeming urgency of church programming, the growing gap between the interest in institutional and spiritual investment, and how congregational leaders also need to hear the word they proclaim. You can read more from…


The Shifting Ground of Faith and Giving: A Conversation with Elizabeth Lynn

Program Director Adam Borneman speaks again with Elizabeth Lynn (Lake Institute on Faith and Giving) about the changing trends in philanthropy, how that relates to religious communities, and how churches are uniquely situated in relation to valuable resources. Visit here to see the Faithful Generosity…


Theological Messiness: A Conversation with Carrington Moore

Program Director Adam Borneman speaks with the Rev. Carrington Moore (Common Cathedral, Bethel AME, Boston) about his ministry bridging the divide between housed and unhoused people, the importance of having your assumptions challenged, and how happiness is a sacred calling. To find out more about…


The Persistence of Witness: A Conversation about Our Holy Land Immersion Experience

Pilgrimage Formation Curator Ryan Bonfiglio talks with the Rev. Dr. Terrence Autry (Christ Community, Richardson, TX) and the Revs. Susan Rogers (The Well, Jacksonville, FL) and Marthame Sanders (Mudeif Productions) about connecting the Biblical stories with the sacred sites; the importance of dislocated exegesis; and the…


Trusting Your Gifting: A Conversation with Asa Lee

Program Curator Jennifer Watley Maxell talks with the Rev. Dr Asa Lee (President, Pittsburgh Theological Seminary) about what makes for courageous leadership, the importance of going slow, and what it means to show up in your body.


The Culture of Curiosity: A Round Table Conversation

Ministry Collaborative program staff (Mark Ramsey, Jennifer Watley Maxell, Amy Valdez Barker, Beth Daniel, Adam Mixon, and Adam Borneman) talk about what drew them to this work, what they are seeing in ministry, and what it means to rediscover our love for Christ’s missional purpose…