We Shift into Thriving and Flourishing: More with Gigi Khanyezi

Program Staff Jennifer Maxell and Adam Mixon continue their conversation with ⁠Gigi “Dr. G” Khanyezi⁠ about community practices that create healing, the transformative power of incarnation, and what it means to create a culture that doesn’t trample emotions.


The Good Was Already Here: More with Karen Rohrer

Program Director Adam Borneman speaks with the Rev. Karen Rohrer (Pittsburgh Theological Seminary) about ridding ourselves of pretension, the importance of letting go of an idealized past, and what Jonah teaches her about the ambivalence in ministry.


Collective Healing: A Conversation with Gigi Khanyezi

Program Staff Adam Mixon and Jennifer Maxell speak with Gigi “Dr. G” Khanyezi about God has created us with the apparatus to heal, the importance of decolonizing our faith, and why community is critical in our pathway toward health.


Calvin and Hobbes and Taffy: A Conversation with Katie Nakamura Rengers and David Zahl

We continue our series “Faith Overflowing with Hope” as Program Director Adam Borneman speaks with the Rev. Katie Nakamura Rengers (Church Planting, The Episcopal Church) and David Zahl (Mockingbird Ministries; Christ Episcopal Church, Charlottesville) about paying attention to the stories people tell, the troubling trend of isolation, and…


Truly Seen: A Conversation with Michelle Navarrete

Pilgrimage Formation Curator Ryan Bonfiglio talks with Michelle Navarrete (Emory University, World Outspoken) about the connecting the Eucharist with embodiment, appreciating the communal power of belonging, and the importance of reading Scripture with others. This conversation is part of our ongoing series “Faith Overflowing with…


You Gotta Find Your People: A Conversation with Ayana Teter

As part of our ongoing series “Faith Overflowing with Hope”, Program Director Adam Borneman speaks with the Rev. Ayana Teter (Pittsburgh Theological Seminary, Eastminster Presbyterian Church) about rooting our hope in the story of Jesus, rethinking our shared vocation, and navigating the giant labyrinth of…