Program Evaluations

Measuring Outcomes

For our three-year Programs to achieve the goals we have set, we perform a rigorous evaluation process to measure their effectiveness and growth. Our assessment tools and protocols combine quantitative and qualitative methods for measuring outcomes, and they are constantly being refined and improved.

Engaging Participants in Our Review Process

Through participant surveys, we ascertain the extent of changes in attitudes and opinions, knowledge gained, and changes in behaviors based on that knowledge. We also engage in mentor and participant focus groups to better understand participant’s feelings and/or opinions; to gain insight into relationships or patterns; to gather multiple perspectives on particular subjects or issues; and to ascertain other anecdotal information.

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Each participant in every group fills in two surveys (through Survey Monkey). One is given before the program begins, and a second one after the program ends. We obtain baseline data from each pastor and congregation before the program begins, and compare this to the data after 3 years in the program. We also want to evaluate the impact of the group participation in the pastor, the congregation, and the missional outreach in the community.

Focus Groups
During the last meeting of each of the three years, we bring in a guest leader to ask eight to ten open-ended questions. This allows us to obtain certain data, such as anecdotal information and stories about the impact of the group on the pastor, the congregation, and the outreach to the local community. Our Macedonian Ministry staff write reports on each Focus Group session.

Annual Mentor Reports
Each mentor will be asked to complete a report at the end of each program year. This report contains several essay questions designed to collect information from mentors about the program (see attached report forms). Our Director of Operations, Ms. Laura Whitaker, will be responsible for conducting the surveys and arranging for annual focus group interviews. Ms. Whitaker works with Rev. Sue Westfall, Director of Curriculum and Mentoring, to review results with mentors to make sure the evaluations system functions smoothly.

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