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You will likely find that many of your inquiries are addressed with our FAQs. If you do not find the information you are seeking, we invite you to reach out to us directly:

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How do I get involved in a Macedonian Ministry pastors cohort?
To learn more about participating in a Macedonian Ministry cohort or starting a cohort in your area, simply email Adam Borneman. There is no formal proposal or application required, and that is intentional. Our aim is to keep the process simple and “organic,” meaning less paperwork, more conversations; less bureaucracy, more relationships. We take this “long runway” approach because it reflects the MM model as a whole. This doesn’t mean we don’t have a basic criteria in mind for what sort of cohorts we feel called to start; indeed we do. It just means we’d rather spend time talking with people about it, rather than mulling over long grant-like proposals. To this point in the life of MM, this approach has served everyone well.

How much does it cost to participate in a Macedonian Ministry cohort?
Thanks to the generosity of donors, the entire Macedonian Ministry program is provided at virtually no cost to pastors. However, when cohort members have “skin in the game,” the shared commitment level is higher and peer learning dynamics are stronger. Therefore, we ask that pastors contribute 1% of their annual salary, per year, to the program. Full and partial scholarships are available. No pastor will be denied participation due to inability to financially contribute. Payments can be made annually, monthly, or on another schedule that best suits the pastor.

How does the cohort curriculum work?
The curriculum is best-practices and leadership focused, and is specifically geared for peer learning discussion. It is not a “how to” curriculum as much as it is a curriculum that prompts substantive discussion and resource sharing. Not every cohort’s curriculum will look the same; in fact none of our cohorts have used the curriculum in exactly the same way. The context, challenges, needs, strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities of pastors in your cohort will determine how the curriculum is used, and we will work with you and your mentor to develop the best curriculum plan.

Where can I learn more about Macedonian Ministry’s Cohorts?
The group dynamic of cohorts is one of the most significant aspects of the Macedonian Ministry program. Learn more.


How does Macedonian Ministry “impact” communities?
Macedonian Ministry’s mission statement is “Renewing Pastors, Transforming Congregations, Impacting Communities.” Our primary focus is the pastor, because, as we see time and time again, equipping pastors for leadership has a ripple effect in congregations and communities. Our ultimate aim is for the gospel and common good to spread across communities where our pastors serve. However, we do not prescribe a “community project” for our cohorts because we’ve learned that our cohorts tend to develop their own projects, partnerships, and resource networks over the course of the three years, and they do it more effectively than we would ever imagine! Complementing this organic approach to community impact, we try to gear our program towards developing deeper theologies and practices of mission and vocation in the lives of pastors and their congregations.


How can I or my organization support the mission of Macedonian Ministry?
Thank you for your interest. A critical component of our ministry is the support we receive from those who believe in our vision and wish to invest in the renewal of pastors and local congregations. Learn ways to support Macedonian Ministry.

About Macedonian Ministry

What is the mission of Macedonian Ministry?
The mission of Macedonian Ministry is to develop pastors and congregations for creative leadership in their community.

Why did Macedonian Ministry begin?
Macedonian Ministry was born out of a need for pastors to have added guidance and resources in areas beyond theological exploration that are equally important to a healthy, vibrant church. In 2008, Macedonian Ministry began working with pastor cohorts, bringing ministers together for fellowship and continuing education as a means for purposefully and positively impacting congregations and their communities. Learn more.

How do you make a positive impact?
We have built a method for individual and collective growth.

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