Facilitator Agreement Forms

Assumption of Risk and Release

  • Agreement

  • I have voluntarily applied to attend cohort meetings, workshops, retreats, immersion experiences, and/or international travel (the "Pilgrimage") as a part of the program sponsored and underwritten by the Macedonian Ministry Foundation, Inc. (the "Foundation"). I understand and acknowledge that my participation in these travel opportunities poses certain risks, including the risk of personal injury, illness, or even loss of life. These include, without limitation, those risks involved in traveling to, from and within international locations; foreign political, legal, medical, sanitary, social, and economic conditions; different standards of design, safety, and maintenance of buildings, public places and conveyances; and local weather conditions. Having carefully considered these risks, and in consideration of the professional, educational, and spiritual enrichment and other benefits that I may derive from participation in these travel opportunities, I agree, on behalf of myself, my heirs, and my legal successors, to assume all such risks. Furthermore, I agree not to sue and instead to release, indemnify, and hold harmless the Foundation and all its officers, directors, employees, and agents from all liability for property damage; personal, bodily or psychological injury, and all claims or causes of action of any kind arising out of or in any way related to my participation in these travel opportunities. I understand that I am solely responsible for obtaining any recommended immunizations before participating in these travel opportunities. I have valid and adequate medical insurance and will carry a valid insurance identity card during my participation in these travel opportunities. I will be solely responsible for payment in full of all costs of medical or other care I may receive. I have carefully read this Assumption of Risk, Indemnity and Release Agreement ("Agreement") and fully understand its contents. I am aware that by signing this agreement I am giving up important legal rights. I agree that no oral representations, statements, or inducements have been made apart from this Agreement. I understand and agree that this Agreement may be executed and delivered by facsimile or other electronic signature, and the Foundation and any other receiving party may rely on the receipt of such document so executed and delivered electronically or by facsimile as if an original with wet signature had been signed and received.
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Policy Against Harassment and Sexual Misconduct


  • Please read below policy against harassment and sexual misconduct below. Initial form after reading policy and press submit when ready to send signed policy.
  • Policy

    Macedonian Ministry Foundation, Inc. (“the “Corporation”) is committed to maintaining a work environment that is free of unlawful discrimination, sexual misconduct and/or harassment. In keeping with this commitment, we will not tolerate any form of unlawful harassment, sexual misconduct, retaliation or discrimination against our employees and program participants by anyone, including supervisors, other employees, and visitors and all employees are expected to avoid any conduct that could reasonably be interpreted as violating this policy.

    The purpose of this policy is to ensure that no employee harasses another on any basis that impairs an employee's employment opportunities, working ability, work performance or emotional well-being at work or creates an abusive or hostile work environment. Unlawful harassment in any form, including verbal, physical and visual conduct, threats, demands and retaliation, is prohibited. Similarly, it is never permissible or acceptable for an employee, either on payroll or contractual hire, to engage in sexual misconduct.

    This policy statement applies to ALL employees and non-employees of the Corporation and prohibits sexual misconduct, unlawful harassment of or by any employee or visitor including supervisors, co-workers, and program participants.

  • I. Definitions

    A. Harassment.
    Harassment consists of unwelcome conduct, whether verbal, physical or visual, that is based upon a person's protected status, such as sex, color, race, ancestry, religion, national origin, age, disability, marital status, veteran status, citizenship status, sexual orientation or other protected status.

    Harassment includes conduct that denigrates or shows hostility or aversion toward an individual because of his or her protected status or that of his or her relatives, friends, or associates.

    Sexual harassment is defined as unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favors, and other physical, verbal, or visual conduct based on sex. This conduct is unlawful when (1) submission to the conduct is an explicit or implicit term of employment, (2) submission to or rejection of the conduct is used as the basis for an employment decision, or (3) the conduct has the purpose or effect of unreasonably interfering with an individual's work performance or creating an intimidating, hostile or offensive working environment. Sexual harassment may include such actions as: sex-oriented verbal “kidding,” “teasing,” or jokes; foul or obscene language or gestures; display of foul or obscene printed or visual material; physical conduct such as patting, pinching, or brushing against another's body; and demands for sexual favors. While such conduct generally can amount to sexual harassment only if it is both unwelcome and either severe or pervasive, the Corporation nonetheless discourages any such conduct in the workplace, regardless of circumstances.

    B. Sexual Misconduct.
    With respect to all Macedonian Ministry staff and paid employees, including cohort Mentors, sexual misconduct includes sexual harassment as well as sexual relations, advances, and activities that the involved parties consider consensual. Sexual misconduct is a violation of the role of mentors, pastors, employees, volunteers, counselors, supervisors, teachers, and advisors of any kind who are called upon to exercise integrity, sensitivity, and caring in a trust relationship. It breaks the covenant to act in the best interests of parishioners, clients, co-workers, and students. Macedonian Ministry prohibits employees, including mentors, from participating in said misconduct with program participants, staff, or any persons employed by Macedonian Ministry. A breech of this prohibition should be reported immediately. If a cohort or cohort congregation member initiates or invites sexual content in the relationship, it is the mentor’s, counselor’s, officer’s, or supervisor’s responsibility to maintain the appropriate role, prohibit a sexual relationship, and disclose the circumstances to the appropriate parties as soon as possible.
  • II. Employee's/Participant’s Rights and Corrective Actions
    Any employee who feels that he or she is the victim of sexual misconduct or harassment should immediately report the matter to his or her supervisor, his or her supervisor's supervisor, or the President. The Corporation will not retaliate against any employee for filing a complaint or making a report (or for providing information in good faith) and will not knowingly permit retaliation by management employees or co-workers. Any employee who feels he or she is being subjected to retaliation for making a harassment complaint or participating in a harassment investigation should report the matter to his or her supervisor, his or her supervisor's supervisor, or the President. Supervisors will refer all harassment complaints to the President who will immediately undertake or cause to be undertaken an effective, thorough and objective investigation of the harassment or retaliation allegations.

    The policy of the Corporation is to investigate each complaint promptly and to keep complaints and the result of our investigation confidential to the fullest extent practicable and consistent with an effective investigation. If an investigation confirms that a violation of this policy has occurred, then appropriate corrective actions, including disciplinary measures commensurate with the severity of the offense, will be taken. In investigating complaints of harassment and retaliation under this policy, the Corporation may impose discipline for inappropriate conduct without regard to whether the conduct constitutes a violation of the law and even if that conduct does not rise to the level of violation of this policy. The Corporation will advise interested parties of the outcome of the investigation, although not necessarily all details of the actions the Corporation has taken to maintain a harassment-free environment. If you are not satisfied with the results of the investigation or the response to your report of harassment or retaliation, you should make a full report of your concerns (including the original complaint and your concerns about the response) to the next higher level of management or to the President. You should never be afraid to take good faith concerns about harassment, retaliation or failure to respond to any report to a higher level of management. It is the Corporation's policy to encourage and protect such actions on your part.
  • III. Management Responsibility
    Members of management are expected to be proactive in identifying and preventing potential harassment situations and to take immediate corrective action. Any member of management who has or is given knowledge of possible harassment should immediately notify the President.
  • IV. Disciplinary Action
    Violations of this policy will not be tolerated and will result in discipline up to and including discharge.
    ______________________________ Mark B. Ramsey, Executive Director
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