Cohort Meeting Schedule Survey

  • The monthly cohort meeting is the heartbeat of Macedonian Ministry, and it’s crucial that everyone commits to it! Soon your cohort will meet in order to plan out your first full year together, including monthly cohort meetings and tentative retreat dates. Filling out the survey below ahead of time will help facilitate that time of planning together. Note that you're not making an absolute commitment to the times below but are simply providing "as a general rule I'm usually free or can make it work" feedback so that we can more easily come to a consensus as a cohort. At the end of the survey there is a place to indicate any additional notes (like I'd *prefer* not to do a breakfast meeting but I can make it work if that works for everyone else). Please feel free to check more than one box per day, and most importantly, be flexible. It’s likely that you and your colleagues will have shift around your current schedules in order to ensure 100% attendance at cohort meetings!
  • *If you are completing this form from a desktop computer, hold down the Ctrl button to multi-select.

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